My Biggest Dream

Okay, First of all, I make gaming videos. But my biggest desire is to make entertainment videos. The video that the audience will be happy to watch and the people of the country can be helped. But that would require a big skilled team, money and most importantly a lot of time, none of which I currently have. So, My biggest dream in life is to go to space and make a video. And I want to end my YouTube career through that video. I don't know if this dream will ever come true. But I will try my best for that. Hope you all help me just by pressing the button...

Present Situation

Currently I am a web designer. Since childhood I was very much inclined towards computers. And that brings me to present me. I used to play a lot of computer games, from there my fascination with technology started. My another dream in childhood was to become a scientist. But over time I felt it was possible if I got rid of everything and just devoted myself to that work...


If I talk about my skills, I would say, MAN! I've some skills haha. For example, I have good ideas about photo and video editing. As you can see this image, it's not real! (photo idea creadit: Kellan Hendry ). And That's why I can make YouTube videos by myself without spending any money. IDK how valuable these skills are to people. But I am not that much satisfied with my skills (as of now). But to keep up with the times, I am constantly trying my best to develop my skills more...

My Future Plans

I have many future plans. And I'll constantly update this list.

1. Making YouTube videos ✔
2. Making enternaiment videos
3. Spending at least 100 thousand taka in every single video
4. Making a video in Space
5. making movies
6. Bringing world famous singers in Bangladesh for live show
7. Making Bangladesh a wireless country
8. Fulfilling the basic needs of all the people of Bangladesh
However, many more plans will come in the future, which I will slowly reveal to you...

Let's Work For The World